Thursday, March 12, 2020

Telemachus essays

Telemachus essays Telemachus is the son of the great king Odysseus. However, without a father there to lead and teach him Telemachus is lost in the world of manhood. Everyone says that Odysseus was a righteous, fair king and a hero. However, Telemachus has no proof of this. He has never seen his father and his grandfather has shunned the throne and turned to farming. The people of Ithaca seem to have a standard for Telemachus to reach since he is the son of a great hero. However, Telemachus is lost and confused. He is trying to find his true identity, but without a father-figure, he only has the imprudent suitors to which to turn. When Athena, their guardian goddess, takes the form of Mentes and goes to the palace of Odysseus, she finds Telemachus feasting with the suitors. When Athena comments on the resemblance of Telemachus to Odysseus, he responds by saying . . . Mother has always told me Im his son, its true, but I am not so certain (lines 249-250). Feeling deserted by his father, Telemachus dons the identity of the suitors the only role-models he has known. It seems that the suitors have even slightly turned him against his own father by pressing ideas into Telemachus head that his father has left him alone and died a shameful death after leaving Troy. While Athena is still prodding for information from Telemachus, he makes the comment of I would never have grieved so much about his death if hed gone down with comrades off in Troy. . . and hed have won his son great fame for years to come. . . hes left me tears and grief. (lines 274-82) The danger of the suitors corrupting Telemachus is obviously present in that statement. Telemachus has only seen disorder, destruction, and chaos in his palace. He does not know how to make peace or how to set right the ways of Ithaca. However, once...

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